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Why Mazda of Hamilton

Leggat Mazda of Hamilton is your number one destination for a new or pre-owned Mazda vehicle, or Mazda after-sales service such as repairs, maintenance, and genuine Mazda parts and accessories. But beyond our Mazda products and services, we also offer you dedicated customer service that we know will surpass all of your expectations.
At Leggat Mazda of Hamilton, you will find a wide range of brand new Mazda vehicles such as the new Mazda3, the redesigned Mazda CX-5, the fuel-efficient Mazda CX-3, the spacious Mazda CX-9, the legendary Mazda MX-5, and a wide range of other new Mazda vehicles.
Thanks to exclusive features like G-Vectoring Control, i-Activesense driver assistance technologies, i-Eloop regenerative braking, and of course SKYACTIV, Mazda new vehicles stand out in terms of performance, fuel economy, and safety.
We also offer you a wide range of certified pre-owned Mazda vehicles as well as affordable and flexible financing solutions. And if you are a Mazda owner, come and discover our complete after-sales service departments that will ensure that your Mazda runs as well today as it did the first day you bought it.
In 1922, Roy Leggat left the family farm in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and, with a $3,000-loan from his mother, laid the foundation for what one day would become the Leggat Auto Group.
In that year, Roy opened his first automobile dealership in Hamilton, Ontario, on the corner of King and Bay streets.  Every morning, he would arrive at the store at 6 a.m., sweep the shop, wash the windows, light the potbellied stoves, and be ready to open the doors by 8 a.m.
Roy's first dealership initially sold Ruggles trucks, before switching to Oakland (the forerunner to Pontiac). In 1932, he began selling Chrysler automobiles and continued to do so until 1962.
In the years since its inception, Leggat continues to be a recognizable name in Southern Ontario thanks to three consecutive generations of the Leggat family operating the Group. Today, dealerships bearing the Leggat name can be found throughout Ontario in cities such as Burlington, Etobicoke and Ancaster, selling top-quality vehicles including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Cadillac, and Acura.
Though the days of stoking the old potbellied stove have long passed, the same work ethic that Roy Leggat brought to his dealerships every day can still be seen in the successive Leggat generations. Doug still maintains his dealerships in Burlington and Etobicoke, and Doug's son Brian has added numerous additional dealerships to the Leggat Auto Group. Today, the Group employs about 400 people, and is always looking to expand its offerings.
The automotive industry has changed considerably since those first days in 1922, but the Leggat Auto Group has remained competitive thanks to its sense of family and its dedication to customer service. Looking forward, the Leggat Auto Group will continue to do what it has always done: provide quality, reliable, affordable vehicles for hardworking Canadians.